Well, We Sure Didn’t See This Coming!

Hello and welcome to Your Gluten Free Life.

And boy we sure didn’t see a pandemic coming did we! I have to say I never thought I would live through something like this.

It has surely been a rollercoaster of emotions. Australia has truly been the lucky country, with very few infections and remarkably few deaths compared to other places. But it’s only been lucky because of the decisive actions of our leaders, and everyone’s willingness to cooperate with the measures put in place.

Of course, there were the usual crazy reactions. I think we were the first country to go berserk and think a pandemic meant we would run out of toilet paper. And then the panic buying spread to other areas of the supermarket.

It was interesting to see how even the gluten free flours and pasta flew off the shelves. For a while there I couldn’t buy any for love nor money. Fortunately, I always have a stash in the pantry. But it was getting a bit low there for a while!

And I did have a few chuckles thinking about all those people who bought gluten-free flour and tried to use it like normal flour. Boy, were they in for a shock!

We’ve now been hunkered down for a couple of months, but it feels like ages. Not being able to just pop out to the shops or catch up with friends for lunch has been a challenge. And I’m on the Board of Directors for a couple of organisations so we’ve been dealing with the challenges of video conferencing along with everyone else. At least I haven’t been caught in my undies yet!

This month I thought I’d skip the scholarly articles and just share some nice indulgent recipes for you to try. Because, I’m sure you all haven’t been using your isolation time to bake and pile on a few kilos have you? So here’s a couple of comfort food recipes for you to try on a cold wet afternoon.

MMMac’n’cheese and Delicious, Indulgent Rice Pudding

One of my go to recipes in winter is macaroni cheese. For a long time I didn’t really like it cos it made me feel queasy and I could never understand why people liked it.

Then I discovered I have Coeliac Disease and the reason I was queasy was all that wheat. So now I’ve rediscovered Mac’n’Cheese and I love it! So here’s my recipe for you to try.

Image of rice pudding in a bowl
Indulgent Rice Pudding

And my partner loves rice pudding. So do I but I blame him for how often I make it. I decided to play with the traditional recipe this time and I have to say that the result is delicious! Adding a couple of spices and some sultanas to the recipe gives a kind of Christmassy feel to the taste. The saffron gives it a gentle golden glow that kind of suits the taste too. So here you go, my Indulgent Rice Pudding for you to try.

So that’s it for this month. Do take care and be safe and we’ll catch up next month.

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