Taking the gluten out of wheat

Welcome to Your Gluten Free Life

Boy I jumped at this news when I read it during the week! Thanks to the marvels of modern science, scientists have worked out how to eliminate the majority of the gliadin proteins that make gluten from a strain of wheat.

Gliadins are the proteins that make gluten, and there are heaps of different varieties of them in wheat, which would normally make breeding strains of wheat without them impossible. However, using geneĀ editing to shut off the genes that make gliadins, the scientists were able to remove 85% of the wheat toxicity.

Whether that’s enough to make it safe for us celiacs to eat is debatable. I suspect not sadly. I won’t go into the whole discussion as to the merits or otherwise of genetically modifying the wheat, that’s a subject that I think everyone needs to find their own peace with. But, as someone who occasionally dreams of downing a cronut, or just a piece of nice chewy white bread, I dream of the day they find a way for me to eat without having to make a fuss over everything to make sure it’s safe.

Not to mention the rolled eyes of the waiter when I stress that whatever I’m having must be gluten free! Just once I’d like to sit down at a restaurant and know I could order whatever I wanted off the menu. Oh well – for now it’s just a fantasy. But who knows, in a few years, it might just become a reality. Until then I’ll work at developing a gluten free cronut.

Red Cabbage Slaw with Dried Cranberries

As an armchair doctor, I love watching medical and science shows. The other day the one I was watching said that people should eat more red and purple vegetables. Apparently there’s a nutrient in them that is seriously good at protecting your brain from the aging process.

Needless to say, the next day I rushed out and bought a heap of red and purple vegetables. But I had trouble working out what to do with my red cabbage. In the end I made a coleslaw from it. At the last moment, to add a bit of interest to it I chucked in a handful of dried cranberries. The end result was so tasty that even my partner commented on how nice it was, and came back for seconds.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty version of coleslaw, try my red cabbage slaw with dried cranberries.

Rainbow Cake

Here in Australia, the politicians are wasting an obscene amount of money on a plebescite to decide whether or not to allow same sex marriage. Instead of doing their jobs and getting on with it, they’ve asked us to take part in a postal survey that is non-binding, and they may, or may not, act on the results.

I won’t get into a discussion here on which way people should vote, I think that’s really up to the individual. However, to commemorate the process, I decided to make a rainbow cake. And, because I like to make my life complicated, I decided to make the rainbow stripes vertical, not horizontal.

I have to say the result was very satisfactory, but it sure made a humungous cake! Thankfully, I have a team of hungry workers at the office who I can share my cake with. I certainly don’t think my partner or I could make even a reasonable sized dent in this one.

If you have an event you want to make a cake for, try my rainbow cake. You can vary the basic recipe and make different shades of the one colour if you prefer.

Image of Gluten free rainbow cake
Gluten free rainbow cake










Until next week, take care and eat well.

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