Pulse Pasta – My new fave food

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Have you tried pulse pasta? It’s my new favourite pasta. I’m trying to adopt a more Mediterranean diet, which means more pulses. By pulses I mean beans and lentils, basically.

Pulses are incredibly good for you, and they’re all gluten free so that means celiacs, and those on a gluten free diet can go berserk on them.

They’re all low in fat and sodium, and they’re a good source of iron, protein, fibre, folate, and potassium. They’re also low GI, low calorie, and cholesterol and gluten free. What’s not to love?

But pulses can take ages to cook, and they can make you fart. But, if you soak them in water with some bicarb soda (baking soda) for 4 to 8 hours, the cooking time is shortened, and the enzymes that cause flatulence are pretty much washed away. Also, soaking pulses means they are activated which means their enzymes and nutrients are better absorbed.

Anyhow – back to the main topic for this blog. I was wandering around my local grocery store recently and stumbled across pulse pasta. Apparently they’ve worked out how to use pulses to make pasta (duh!). Given it’s gluten free, and supposed to be great if you’re trying to lose weight I thought I’d give it a go.

It tastes great, and it’s really quick to cook. It also did manage to fill me up for longer so I wasn’t so inclined to raid the kitchen for a late night snack.

So, this week, my recipe for you is a combination of pulse pasta and my favourite vegetable – broccoli. This does have an Italian name, but I can’t remember it. The good thing about it is it takes no longer than 15 minutes to prepare and cook which makes it ideal for a mid-week dinner.

Image of Pulse Pasta and Broccoli
Pulse Pasta and Broccoli

Gluten Free Cornflake Biscuits

My sweet treat for you this week is my gluten free cornflake biscuits. I make these quite large, and I bake a largeish batch so I can keep them for when I want a quick snack on the weekend. Remember to use gluten free cornflakes. Normal cornflakes have malt as a sweetener, which is a no-no for us celiacs. So search out some gluten free cornflakes and knock together a batch of my Gluten Free Cornflake Biscuits for next weekend.

Until next week, take care and eat well.


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