Is a pill to fix celiac disease too good to be true?

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Like a lot of you who are celiacs, there are times when I wish I could eat wheat. Especially when some cruel person comes up with something like the cronut. I dream of trying something like that just once. But I know what the results would be if I do, and they’re not pretty.

So, when someone says they are developing a magic pill that I can pop before eating wheat and it will allow me to scoff away on that magic cronut, then you can bet it gets my attention. Recently I stumbled on a few articles on the internet that reported an Australian company (GluteGard) was developing a pill that could help celiacs eat wheat.

Well, I rushed off to do some research and (wouldn’t you know it) the story is actually somewhat different. The pill uses caricain which is found in papaya and is actually designed to break down any protein, not just gluten. In fact, some of you may know that meat tenderiser is made from similar stuff and that’s why it works to tenderise your meat.

So, if you take a pill, then scoff down a hamburger, it’s not going to help you deal with the resulting effects. It might help break down the gluten proteins but wouldn’t break them down enough to allow you to eat wheat. In fact their own website says that “By targeting toxic fragments in this way, GluteGuard helps to prevent unpleasant symptoms that result from gluten sensitivity. In conjunction with a gluten free diet, GluteGuard breaks down peptides before they can inflict damage in the small intestine lining or trigger immune responses.” Which kind of contradicts what they say higher up the page where they say it’s designed to restore the ability to digest gluten.

So, it looks as if cronuts are off my menu until I can work out how to make them myself. It looks like I’m dusting off my croissant recipe again for some serious experimenting!

Miso-Ginger Salmon

Miso Ginger Salmon
Miso Ginger Salmon










My father came to stay a couple of weeks ago and I decided to do fish for dinner. He was all for the idea and mentioned he had recently had some salmon that had been marinated then baked in a miso- ginger sauce. I’m always looking for new ideas so I chased up a recipe for it and made it that night. And it was delicious! You can either bake the fish in the marinade, or take it out and grill the fish.

If you bake the fish, the marinade then makes a delicious sauce to pour back over the fish, or over your potatoes or veggies. Just remember not to do this if you don’t cook the marinade. I’d hate for you to go get food poisoning by pouring an uncooked fishy marinade over your dinner!

If you want to give it a go, here’s my take on the recipe.

Gluten free Mocha Brownies

I’ve just gone back to work after a long break and was talking to the people in the office about my blog. I warned them they were going to get regular samples of my cooking as I develop and cook various dishes. One of the first things they asked for was a batch of my delicious Mocha Brownies. Even though none of them are celiacs, they reckon these are the best. You can’t tell they’re gluten free, and they’re very moreish.

Here’s the recipe – go ahead and make some this weekend to take into work for your workmates. Don’t tell them they’re gluten free and they’ll never know!

Gluten Free Mocha Brownies
Gluten Free Mocha Brownies










Until next time, take care and eat well.
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