Migraines, Disk Drives and Cinnamon Scrolls

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It’s been a mixture of good and frustrating this week. I’ve helped someone make a start on the gluten free path to see if it helps her migraines, I’ve spent the week trying to fix the hard disk drive in my father’s PC and I made some delicious cinnamon scrolls. As you can see, a mixed bag!

Celiac Disease and Migraines

A friend of a friend has been plagued by migraines that are getting steadily worse. Having suffered from them for many years, I know how bad they can get. Based on some research I had already done, I suggested she tried giving up gluten for a while to see if it helped.

I know I have said in the past that people shouldn’t just give up gluten without being tested for sensitivity first, but (given how bad her headaches are getting) it might just be worthwhile her giving it a go to see if if helps.

There has been some research showing a strong link between celiac disease and migraines. Some research was done in 2012 to test the prevalence of migraines in people with celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome. For those of you with insomnia, or with a penchant for reading scholarly articles, the article I read is here.  For the rest of you, the article described how 502 people: 188 with celiac disease, 111 with IBS, 25 with gluten sensitivity, and 178 controls were surveyed for the incidence of migraines.

Those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and IBS all had a significantly higher prevalence of migraine headaches compared with controls. Seventy-two percent of people with celiac disease graded their migraine as severe, compared with 30% of IBS sufferers, 60% of  people with gluten sensitivity, and 50% of the control subjects.

A number of other websites suggest that avoiding gluten can minimise the occurrence and severity of migraines. So, for people who suffer from really bad, recurring migraines deciding to give the gluten free diet a go might just help.

Damned Disk Drives!

My other life (when I’m not cooking up gluten free goodies) is in IT. I’ve worked in computing for years, but the last few years has been mainly in management rather than hands on. But that hasn’t stopped me offering to help where I can when family and friends find themselves in difficulties. The drama for this week has been my father’s PC which is starting to get hard disk errors.

Rashly, I thought it would be an easy fix to just clone the drive onto a new one, whack the new drive in the PC and boom! Off you go.

Silly me! Several days later and I’m still arguing with the blasted thing. Windows just refuses to boot from the cloned drive. Foolishly, today I decided to re-clone and start again. And, wouldn’t you believe it, now the damned thing won’t clone. So, I turned the whole thing off and went and made some cinnamon scrolls instead. At least I can get them to work!

Cinnamon Scrolls

I’ve always wondered how to get scrolls out of gluten free yeast dough. If you’ve baked gluten free bread or rolls you will know the dough is very sticky.Not quite a batter, but close to it. So I wondered how on earth you would shape scrolls and cut the dough.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the answer is cling film and dental floss. It turns out, if you put your dough between two sheets of cling film, you can push or roll it out beautifully. Then you use the cling film to get the dough to roll up, and use the dental floss to cut the resulting sausage of dough into portions.

It works a treat! If you would like to check out my recipe and follow the instructions to get your own crunchy topped, soft cinnamon scrolls click here.

Image of Cinnamon Scrolls
Cinnamon Scrolls

Gluten Free Cannelloni

Your savoury dish for this week is gluten free cannelloni. I use commercial cannelloni tubes for this, but you could make gluten free crepes and use those instead if you prefer.

This recipe is for my friend Sue. She used to regularly ask me for a decent vegetarian lasagna recipe. I know this one is cannelloni, but you can use the spinach and cheese filling in layers between gluten free lasagne as well.

So, Sue, this recipe is for you – finally!

Until next week, take care and eat well.




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