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I’m running late with my blog this week. It’s been a super busy week, but here I am. And it’s a honey themed blog. If you remember, last week I said I was fixing my dad’s PC. The hard drive had died and I spent a week doing my best to resurrect it. In the end I admitted defeat and did a clean install to a new disk.

Anyway – I finally got it all done and made the trek up to his place to return it to him. While we were up in that neck of the woods we went to a honey shop to buy some honey wholesale. My partner and I run a holiday cottage, and we provide little jars of jam, marmalade and jarrah honey. Normally the honey is quite expensive so I was hoping to be able to buy it wholesale and save us a bit of money.

Interestingly, I was listening to a podcast a couple of weeks ago where Sydney University here in Australia had done some research and shown that all honey is prebiotic. Prebiotics promote the growth of good bacteria in your gut, and a lot of veggies are prebiotic. But now they’ve discovered that honey is prebiotic, and jarrah honey, produced here in Western Australia, is especially high in prebiotics.

New Zealand and Australia have a variety of honey called Manuka which is very high in anti-microbial activity. Tests with these honeys successfully killed all bad bacteria, including the so-called antibiotic resistant “super-bugs”. Now, jarrah honey has been shown to be even more potent anti-microbial properties than manuka honey. It’s considered to be one of the most “active” honey’s in the world.

My partner and I have a drink of apple cider vinegar and honey every morning. After my research, I’ve decided I’ll be making it with jarrah honey in future.

In celebration of all things honey this week, both my recipes for you show you the versatility of honey.

Honey Prawns

When looking for savoury recipes that use honey, I came across lots using chicken, and lots of honey roasted vegetables. But I remember having honey prawns years ago and loved them. I had pretty much forgotten about them until I was searching for inspiration. I thought you might also like to have a go at making these for dinner one night. As well as being delicious, this is super quick to make.

Image of Honey Prawns
Honey Prawns

Jump over here to find my recipe for Honey Prawns and give them a go for dinner tomorrow night.

Gluten Free Bee Sting Cake

This cake is a gluten free variation on the traditional Bienenstich Cake, so named because of the honey glaze on, and in, the cake. Before raising agents were discovered, yeast was commonly used to raise cakes. As you know, gluten free flours work differently with yeast so I had to play with this recipe a bit to make it work properly. One trick I’ve found is to bake gluten free cakes and breads a a lower temperature, and for longer than those made with wheat flour.

While this recipe looks a bit complicated, it’s actually not. It takes a while because you need to make sure each step cools down completely before moving on to the next stage, but the time is worth it.

Make the time to make my gluten free bee sting cake next weekend and you’ll be glad you did.

Image of Gluten Free Bee Sting Cake
Gluten Free Bee Sting Cake

Until next week, take care and eat well.

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