Getting enough grains on a wheat free diet

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Last week I mentioned that one of the reasons suggested for the higher incidence of cardiac disease in people who are celiacs or on a wheat free diet. So today I thought I’d give you some pointers on how to ensure you get enough grains in your diet:

  • Consider adding seeds such as flax seed, sunflower seeds and other grains to your bread mixes
  • Eat gluten free muesli – commercial, or make your own
  • Consider alternative seeds such as amaranth or quinoa
  • Try buckwheat – it’s a great breakfast cereal
  • Seeded crackers are very tasty
  • Try brown rice instead of white – it’s very tasty and high in fibre
  • Look for ready made gluten free bread with added seeds and grains

Also, keep in mind that many gluten free products are not fortified with vitamins so consider taking a vitamin supplement as well.

Delicious Spring Veggie Time

It’s still technically winter here in Australia, but the spring vegetables are springing to life already. To celebrate delicious garden fresh peas, broccoli and other spring veggies, I made a spring vegetable risotto for dinner last night.  A real risotto is a bit time consuming and labour intensive, but it’s definitely well worth the effort.

I happen to really like risotto, and here’s the recipe for my spring vegetable risotto. It’s so easy to vary it. Use the basic recipe and try something like roasted beetroot and Fetta cheese, or sliced mushrooms, or seafood such as prawns. The trick is to make a really good stock to use as a base.

Gluten Free Eclairs

It took me a while to get the confidence to try gluten free choux pastry. Even as a wheat based pastry it has a reputation of being tricky. However, I decided to give it a go a while ago. It took a couple of goes to get it right so that it puffs up nicely.

I’ve included the recipe here. While the recipe here is for eclairs, you can use the pastry for cream puffs, profiteroles or savoury puffs if you like.

Give it a go and make some delicious eclairs for your next morning tea.

Image of Gluten Free Eclairs
Gluten Free Eclairs










Until next time, take care and eat well.



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