Coeliac Disease and Your Gut

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Some of you may be aware that researchers are finding more and more links between gut health and other conditions. For example, some of them are talking about the gut as being a second brain because some of the cells found in your brain are also present in your gut. And now they’re finding links between coeliac disease and your gut.

Researchers are finding links between the microbiome in your gut and many health conditions such as schizophrenia, autism, psoriasis and many others.

Now, they have found that coeliac disease may be triggered by being exposed to bacteria proteins that mimic gluten proteins. So, if you’re one of the many people who have a genetic predisposition to coeliac disease, and you get exposed to one of these bacteria, it may set off something in your immune system that then gets triggered when you eat gluten.

According to Dr Reid, the lead researcher, “It’s possible that the immune system reacts to the bacterial proteins in a normal immune response and in so doing develops a reaction to gluten proteins because, to the immune system, they look indistinguishable – like a mimic.”

The exciting thing is that this means they may be able to develop better diagnostic or therapeutic treatments for coeliac disease. So my dream of one day eating a cronut may just come true!

Zucchinis – the gift that keeps on giving

Gluten free zucchini fritters
Zucchini fritters – delicious and so easy to make

It’s summer here in Australia. That means long hot days and short hot nights. And my veggie garden is really struggling in the heat. I do have a pumpkin that has popped up from the chook run and is trying to beat all previous records for the largest pumpkin I’ve ever grown.

And my zucchini vines (bushes?) just keep on producing zucchinis. Every time I go out there I seem to have another giant zucchini that I swear wasn’t there yesterday. In fact, you know when you’re producing too much of something when even the chooks turn their noses up and reckon they’ve had too much of a good thing.

So I’ve been scouring my cookbooks and adapting recipes for 101 ways to cook zucchini. One of my favourites is zucchini fritters. They’re so easy to make and are delicious. So here’s my recipe for gluten-free zucchini fritters.

Being summer it’s also all about delicious fresh fruits like plums, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. I have to admit that I find blueberries rather bland unless they’re cooked (although they do go well in a smoothie). I celebrated berry season by making a batch of light, delicious blueberry muffins the other day. Sadly my gluttony got the better of me and my partner and I scoffed the lot before I remembered to take a picture to share with you.

Nonetheless, here’s my recipe for gluten-free blueberry muffins. And, when I make the next batch, I promise to add a picture to the page so you can see how they’re supposed to turn out.

So that’s it for this month. Take care, and eat well.

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