Batten down the hatches!

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I was wandering around the internet over the last couple of days looking for something of interest to include in this blog. The latest hot topic seems to be that people who needlessly avoid gluten in their diet may be increasing their risk of coronary heart disease.

A study of over 100,000 people over 2 decades showed that people who were not celiacs, but who avoided gluten had a statistically significant increased chance of developing heart disease. The main reason seems to be that those people were avoiding high fibre grains such as bran, rye, and the seeds and grains that are in seeded breads and cereals.

It’s an interesting study that works as a counterpoint to the claims that gluten is causing a lot of the dietary ills in the world. I guess it means that dietitians and scientists are now starting to look properly at whether gluten is really a problem for the general population, or just celiacs like me and (maybe) you.

My response at this point for people who have given up wheat because they find they have a sensitivity to it is the same as my advice to celiacs: increase your fibre intake in other ways. Eat lots of unprocessed fruit and vegetables, and look for things such as rice bran and other cereals and grains you can eat that have lots of fibre but no gluten. I don’t think there’s a real necessity to rush back to eating wheat if you’re more comfortable not eating it. Just make adjustments to your diet to compensate and you should be fine.

Batten Down the Hatches!

We’re getting ready for one of the biggest storms of the year here. A few years ago a big storm blew down a couple of our biggest trees. They were a real loss because they were always full of birds. We used to have a bird feeder in one of them and the parrots and cockatoos used to come by every day for a feed. We see them around now, but they don’t stop by any more. We’re growing another tree, but it will take a few years before it’s big enough to support the feeder and provide food to local birds again.

In preparation for the storm that’s coming I’ve made a nice hearty seafood ragu for us for dinner. It’s healthy, filling and warm. Just what you need on a night like this. Check out the recipe here. I’ve made a note that you can make it as a soup if you prefer. Just don’t thicken it. Either way, it tastes delicious!

Image of French seafood ragu
French seafood ragu










Coconut Jam Slice

For desert tonight I’ve made a coconut jam slice. I’ve used some of my home made strawberry jam for it, but you could use whatever jam takes your fancy. I’ve made this before with both raspberry jam, and apricot jam and it works just as well with each of them. Here’s the recipe so you can┬ámake this up for your next desert, or just for a treat sometime.

Until next week, take care and eat well.




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