A new blood test will detect celiac disease

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So here we are – Christmas and New Year are a distant memory already. We’re all well into the new year, except for those who follow the Chinese or other calendars – your New Year is soon to come.

Were you lucky enough to see the super blue blood moon the other night? What a line up of astronomical events! The moon was closest to the earth, a full moon twice in one month, and a total solar eclipse to boot. What a sight! Where I live we were lucky enough to see the whole thing from beginning to end. The super moon bit wasn’t as special as some I’ve seen in the past. I was lucky enough to get some pictures of the super, super moon we had last year. But the lining up of all the events was certainly a once in a lifetime event.

So, on to other things: Apparently there has been some developments in the detection of celiac disease. As you know, if you’re suspected of being a celiac, you have to go through the discomfort of eating wheat for several months, followed by a biopsy of the intestines to confirm the diagnosis. If you’ve worked out the wheat makes you ill, and you’ve taken yourself off it, to go back to eating gluten, even for a short time is most unpleasant.

However, a team of doctors from several universities and hospitals in Norway have got together and developed a blood test that, they say, is extremely accurate in diagnosing celiac disease. Up to now, a blood test was only used to see if a person had the genes that cause celiac disease, but it’s possible to have the genes and not have the disease so that wasn’t conclusive.

But the team from Norway reckon their blood test can detect celiac disease with a high level of accuracy, regardless of whether the person was on a gluten free diet. So, hopefully, we can look forward to a time in the near future when people won’t have to go through the whole gluten challenge and biopsy process. Woo hoo!

Garlic and Lime Prawns

Last month I promised this recipe. For a light, summery prawn (shrimp) dish, this one takes the cake. I love the flavour of limes and often use them in preference to lemons. And I also love garlic. Apart from being delicious, it’s incredibly good for you. So, here’s my recipe for garlic and lime prawns (shrimps) for you to try for your lunch next weekend. In fact, it’s so fast to make, why not try it for dinner tonight?

Terrine of Summer Fruits

This is another one of my special occasion recipes. It looks fabulous and tastes just as good. Pair it with some double cream or some ice cream and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Give my terrine of summer fruits a go when you want to wow your friends with a light, yummy dish to celebrate summer.

Until next month, take care and eat well.

Image of Summer Fruit Terrine

Summer Fruit Terrine

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