Making Your Own Gluten Free Flour Mixes

There are several different mixes below, and they can largely be used interchangeably. Sift all ingredients together three times and store in an airtight container. Keep your GF flours in the fridge or freezer. Because of the high fat content in some of them they may go rancid if left in the cupboard. They will keep almost indefinitely if kept in the freezer.

The mixes below say to use “x parts” of a flour. By this I mean, if I was making up the first flour mix and I needed 3 cups of flour, I would use, 1 cup of soy flour, 1 cup of potato flour, ½ a cup of white rice flour, and ½ a cup of tapioca flour.

One thing to note: different flour mixes will have different absorbency characteristics. This means, when you use a gluten free recipe with your own flour mix, you may need to tweak  the amount of liquid to get the right results, For that reason, most of my recipes give you the mix of flours to use, and also describe what the batter or dough should look like before it’s baked. That way, you can judge if you need to tweak your mix to get the right results.

Using Tapioca Flour

I almost always add tapioca flour to my flour mixes. It helps add crispness and chewiness to baked goods like pies or biscuits).

To make self-raising flour, use your own gluten free baking powder, or use a commercial one.

Gluten Free Baking Powder

1 teaspoon cream of tartar

½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)

Plain or All-Purpose Flour 1

I don’t use this mix often because I find the soy flour flavour is too strong. You could halve the soy flour, and increase the rice of potato flour if you prefer.

½ part soy flour

½ part potato flour

¼ part white rice flour

¼ part tapioca flour

Plain or All-Purpose Flour 2

2 parts potato starch

1 part cornflour

½ part chick pea flour

½ part tapioca flour

Plain or All-Purpose Flour 3

This is the mix I use most often. Depending on what I’m baking I’ll substitute in quinoa, brown rice or buckwheat flour. For example, if I’m making a basic shortcrust pastry I’ll use quinoa, but if I’m making a savoury pastry like a quiche I might use buckwheat or brown rice instead for the flavour.

2 parts rice flour

2 parts corn flour

2 parts quinoa, potato starch, brown rice or buckwheat flour

1 part tapioca flour


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