Your New Gluten Free Life e-Book


This e-Book will provide you with the basics to get you started on living wheat and gluten free. It provides details on how to identify products that contain gluten, and advice on how to manage eating out gluten and wheat free.

It also contains a number of recipes to get started on baking gluten and wheat free so you can have bread, cakes, biscuits and more without having to miss out on the good things in life because you’re gluten free,



 Learn to bake confidently the gluten free way. You can bake your own healthy, gluten free, or wheat free dishes with no preservatives or artificial additives.

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease? Has one of your children been diagnosed? Or have you decided to go wheat and gluten free for the health benefits it can bring.

Are you looking for healthy, delicious baking ideas that contain no wheat or gluten?

My gluten free cookbook Introduction to Your Gluten Free Life will guide you with instructions on how to identify hidden gluten in everyday foods, how to eat out safely without missing out while all your friends are eating delicious meals, and how to bake your own delicious, gluten free food.

Please note, when you go to Paypal to pay for your e-book, the account name will be S Crouchley & A Ellins T/A Dolphin View Cottage. Don’t worry! It’s still me – that’s just our trading account.


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