How long is it since you had scones?

Welcome to Your Gluten Free Life.

When I was cooking with wheat I was proud of my scone making ability. I could make light, fluffy, tall scones. By tall, I mean they weren’t little nuggets of scones like some you see around. Mine were big pillowy things that just lent themselves to jam and cream.

But then, I had to learn to bake gluten free and for years scones have eluded me. No matter what I did, I just could not get the to rise. If anything, they went out, not up. And they were heavy! They would have worked really well as weights on a fishing line.

I tried everything – lemonade scones; add the dry ingredients to the wet rather than the other way around; use soda water; use heaps of baking powder. You name it, I tried it. And nothing worked.

Then, a few weeks ago I thought I’d give buttermilk a go. And, blow me down, proper scones! Like many gluten free foods, they are a bit more moist than traditional scones, but they’re light, tasty, and actually went up instead of out.

So this week, I share with you my recipe for gluten free scones. I’ve given you a couple of variations to try as well. Today I made cheese scones for lunch which my non-celiac partner ate happily.

Image of Gluten Free Scones
Gluten Free Scones

Minestrone Soup

Then, for dinner tonight I made my version of minestrone soup. You might have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a soup binge. It’s one reason I love winter, my chance to bring out my repertoire of soup recipes.

I love minestrone soup, it’s a great way to get your allocation of fresh veggies, as well as pulses and tomatoes. A real Mediterranean feast. Served with gluten free bread, makes for the perfect dinner on a cold winter’s night.

Image of Minestrone Soup
Minestrone Soup

Chili Sauce Update

If you remember, last week I told you I had harvested a bonanza of chilies from my chili bush. I was planning to make Sweet Chili Sauce, and finally got around to it on Wednesday. The tedious part was splitting the chilies and scraping out the seeds. One thing I’ll tell you for free – if someone tells you to wear gloves when you’re doing this part of the job, believe them!

I didn’t bother, just ploughed into it. Chopping and scraping chilies with no protection on my hands. And boy did I pay for that! I spent the next couple of days clutching a couple of ice packs to settle the burning in my hands.

But, thanks to my burning hands and a large pile of chilies, I made up 3 and a half litres (7.4 pints) of sweet chili sauce. Major hot I have to say. Apparently, you can make it with 50/50 capsicums (red bell peppers) to make a milder sauce, but I went all in using just chilies.

The bottles of sauce are now lined up on my kitchen bench waiting to be shared with the kids. They will get a bottle each, and the rest will be squirreled away to use for my satay chicken recipe that I’ll share with you another day

Until then, take care and eat well.



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