Welcome back. Did you know someone was working on a vaccine for Celiac Disease? If you didn’t – well neither did I until today. Maybe, like me, you have mixed feelings about a vaccine. I have absolutely no objections to vaccinations. They have saved millions of lives around the world. But, if your Celiac Disease is as well controlled as mine is now, then I’m not sure I’d be jumping in for a vaccine.

Having said that – I do envy people being able to eat yummy foods like croissants, and Danish Pastries and the like. Not to mention the convenience of being able to scoot down the shops and buy a loaf of bread or a packet of biscuits. And then, there’s the cost of gluten free foods in the supermarkets. Even making most of my food myself, just buying the basic ingredients such as rice flour, tapioca flour, or pre-mixed flours can work out pretty expensive.
I guess I won’t rush to judgement and will see how the follow up trials unfold, and what the costs are for the vaccine (both financial and health-wise). In the meantime, I’ve put an article here if you want to read more about the development of the vaccine.
On another subject, as I said last week, I’ve been doing a course in cake decorating. I’ve always baked and done basic cake icing, but envied people who could do those nice big swirls and pretty patterns on their cakes. So I decided to do something about it, and enrolled in a basic cake decorating course. I have to say it was great fun although I did stagger out of each class feeling like I’d just consumed a kilo of sugar. Even if you’re not eating your efforts, you end up licking icing off your fingers and getting the stuff everywhere.
But I can now do nice big swirly tops on my muffins and cupcakes. And I can make a passable ribbon rose and daisies to decorate the tops of my cakes. My partner’s mother had an old icing set she never used, but kept stashed away for years. I’ve now dusted it off and found the tips fit nicely onto my Wilton icing couplers. So I’ve had fun at home playing with all the different icing tips and seeing what sort of effects I could get. My partner has now banned me from making any more cakes for a couple of weeks so we can come down from our sugar highs. 
As a last exercise in class we had to make and ice our own cake then bring it in to decorate. I’d always wanted to have a go at making an ombre cake, so this was my golden opportunity. I have to say, it went really well. My only lesson was not to try using cream cheese frosting to ice a tall cake in warm, humid weather. It slumped so I ended up with a fairly thick rim of icing at the bottom of my cake. Here’s the recipe and instructions so you can go make your own.
Image of Gluten Free Ombre cake

Gluten Free Ombre cake

Until next week – take care and eat well.

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